Oh, Just a Few Boys Horsin' Around

by Dirt Nap

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This album was recorded live in a basement 04/20/2014. Never Forget.


released September 11, 2014

Engineered by: Jason Kearby
Mixed & Mastered by: Jonathan James
Guitar/Vox: Raymond
Guitar/Vox: Calvin
Bass: Dustin
Drums/Percussion: Alex
Released on Rough Beast Records/Frenchkiss Label Group



all rights reserved


Dirt Nap Springfield, Missouri

Dirt Nap is Calvin, Dustin, Raymond, and Alex.

Dirt Nap is from Springfield, Missouri.

Cut off your right hand.

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Track Name: Jvngle Boys
My cigarettes keep getting wet.
God damn it.
Bleach my hair and jeans.
My genes are disease.
Collapse already. Atomically, we're ready.
Come on, hear me out.
Calm the fvck down.
We're heading out to the Jvngle.
Atomic genes, atomic disease,
atomic hair dü, atomic youth,
atomic breeze, atomic trees,
atomic seas, atomic me.
Hair as bright as the sun.
Grab the tequila and run.
Jvngle boy world. Tequila.
Track Name: Drunk Snake
Serpent king from space is not kind.
He is here to enslave mankind.
We can run, but we can not hide.
Fate is sealed for me and mankind.
Scales as meals.
Day i met you i felt my head stop.
Line me up nice. Fill up my cups.
I'm the drunk snake.
Track Name: Tar Pit
Pull it out of the Tar Pit.
Elbow grease and spit.
Oily skin and bones, take your throne.
From the Tar Pit, Rise.
From the Tar Pit, black as night.
The first known Spear-Thrower.
Surround yourself in it.
Like black to grease we stick.
Track Name: Birds of Paradise
So tired, don't even want to sleep.
So tired, and all I do is dream.
I go out, I try to stretch my bones.
I'm sorry boys, I think I’m leaving home.
So slow.
Im bummed out about how good I feel.
So bummed out, the sun isn't real.
Birds of paradise I want you in my life.
Walking down hill I take you in stride.
So slow.
If money equalled time, I'm honest, I wouldn't trade a dime.
My english is gibberish, but Id drill a hole in the world.
Help you through it.
Track Name: RDMT
Snake won't bite you, if you bite the snake.
Man won't get you, if you get away.
Leash don't hold, when it's frayed.
Always, I was running away.
Won't you go away.
Impermanence is such a trip.
Find me sleeping in a ditch.
River come and wash away.
The silt is where I need to lay.
All my days are full of filth.
All my days I spend in silt.
Oh my god the rotten stench.
All my days are full of it.
You don't own land.
The land owns you.
You don't do Boys.
The Boys do you.
Track Name: Lé Bushés
Do I? I do, I do, I do, I do, I.
Take me back to the bushes, where we first lay.
Never gonna cop. Gonna have to rob.
Not far from a tree. Staring at me.
You don't want to make me cry now, do ya?
Track Name: Kiss My Bones
Cracked my skull again.
Don't know what shape that I'm in.
Can't keep my bones out of the ground.
Can't keep my horns out of the clouds.
Hold my horns again.
Darkness is our friend.
Goblins, snakes, and ghouls.
Spiders, blood, and drool.
Wrap me up, cuz I'm done.
Crossed a black cat's path for fun.
If you were dead, I would smoke you up so good.
Kiss my bones to sleep.
Wish me awful dreams.
Stoned without a sound.
Stoned and in the ground.
Track Name: Chocolate Covered Ants
You’re so bright.
The stars were right.
The boys inside.
You’re just like glass.
I drop you smash.
I don't know when.
Did this begin? But it's always ending.
I still care.
I'll miss your hair.
And don't forget I'm astro-impaired.
You made me aware.
I don't know why.
I treat you right, but it's always ending.
I never want to see you cry.